About Us

Welcome to Admission Point

Admission point is an educational consultancy which has been set up with the motive to help students reach the heights they dream for. Our educational consultancy prioritizes students and work based on their needs as we know that the students life is being built when they finalize on a career and collage with us

 We at the educational consultancy understand how important higher education is for YOU, so we concentrate keenly on the small details in your admission process and put together the best for YOU. 

Who We Are

Admission point is an educational consultancy situated in Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Chennai & Bangalore. Our consultancy offer guidance to students who aspire to make the most of their higher education in India and Overseas. We provide customized services to our client and ensure they have an easy and smooth admission process in whichever college they aspire for. 

For the past 15 years,  our educational consultancy has been stretching our hands to the fullest to our students as we not only show them what they need to do in future but also guide them and offer a helping hand throughout your admission process.


Our Mission

Our Mission Is to keenly channel the path for your Dream Destiny for  your higher education. Our educational consultancy strives to provide you with better suggestions about your higher education. 

We understand that the college and the career you choose now have a very long lasting impact on YOU and hence our educational consultancy work to excel.  Our educational consultancy will excel only when our students are happy in the path we put together for them. Till date most of them are successful and that is the success we aspire.


What We Do

Being an Educational Consultant for Higher studies, Admission Point Not just gives advice’s, But also leads them to their Destiny in Achieving their dream goals. Our counselors have the latest information about the admission criteria, admission acceptance rates, admission committee expectation and merit scale of almost all prominent colleges and universities. We offer personalized services to all our students and work based on their needs. We provide the students with all the tools required for the success of their resume and in the long run their SUCCESS.


Our history

Admission Point as an Educational Consultant has been the One Stop Junction for all your Higher Educational Queries & Guidance. We have more than a Decade of “‘Hands on Experience” in Counselling.  Our educational consultancy has guided more than 12000 students in both Under Graduation and Post Graduation Courses to pursue in their desired with Right & Apt Colleges/Universities. 


Our 6-D process


Prepare Before the First Meeting

We speak to the family at length to learn about students’ goals and match them with the educational consultant who best suits their goals and needs.


Assessment and Big-Picture Plan

The goal of our in depth first meeting is to learn about the nuances of each student’s personality and passions.


Creation of a Personalized Educational Plan

We compose a detailed Educational Plan and calendar, detailing each step that will be taken to develop the student’s profile for a competitive candidacy at the range of “best fit”.


Our Comprehensive Approach

We will have a series of formal meetings and informal touch points to cover every element involved with developing the candidate’s profile and refining and evaluating the list of schools, colleges and programs.


Application and Essay Guidance

Often the most time intensive portion of the entire process revolves around completion of applications that present the candidate in the best possible light.


Final Choice Selection

Our goal is for the student to face a range of choices once admission decisions come in.We counsel students on how to best evaluate their choices.We advise on navigating waitlists. 

Why choose us?

We provide complementary advice on higher education abroad – you are under no obligation to apply through us, you are in full control of your decision. We respect your opinion and are thankful to you for sharing your educational thoughts and spending time with us. 

At Total Student Care , we strive to give wholehearted personal attention to every single student in friendly manner.
Our staff members are flexible in time and take assignments that best suit yours.
We enjoy our work and give highest importance to your requirements.

We are highly clinical to take care of your problems and remain focused until we can find the right solution.
We dedicate ourselves to understand your individual needs and provide special tailored service you may require.We are always in touch and responsive to your queries.

We are distinctive in the quality of our services and stand out of the crowd. We provide right advice for right course
at right place in right time. We establish ‘value’ for the choice you make about your higher education pursuit. We help you to discover and recognise your potentials.

We provide helps with accurate and error-free application for admission and visa application lodgement.
Once we take an assignment, we carry on our work on time and follow correct procedures.
Our target is to maintain 100% success rate always.

We have a team of trained professional that you can rely on and trust. With us, you will get services from the best in the industry. We provide accurate, factual and updated information only.We are sensitive to the information you give and maintain strict confidentiality.

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