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Admission Point is one of the most trusted and successful educational consultancy in South India. We stretch our hands for the students who are in a dream to study  their higher education in abroad and in India. we elaborate their dreams and lead them to pursue higher education in overseas as well as in India. As an educational consultant, Admission Point has a decade of handful experience in guiding more than 12000 students to accomplish their higher education admission. Being the best educational consultant in South India, we counsel the students in making their dreams into reality. As an Educational Consultant we provide advanced suggestions and create a channel for your Dream Destiny. Along with admission we look after you in providing financial aid by applying for scholarships. Our counselors gain thorough knowledge on the latest admission criteria, admission acceptance rates. And our admission committee consistently examines  merit scale of almost all prominent Colleges and Universities. From the wide range of existing opportunities we filter the rest and strive in giving you the best.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, for best Education we need best University, For best university you need to take good decision in time. Even the wise will make a mistake. When you need to make an important decision, never do it alone, choose the right people. Good advice can make you to take successful  decision . Admission point professionals understand the dilemma of  students in making decisions towards abroad studies. Our Professionals keeps extensive knowledge of ever-changing education sector, they can guide you in making good decisions at right time. We suggest you the best educational hubs of the world, including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand etc.

We are specialized in Career Guidance & Counselling, Courses & Institution, Entry Requirements, Assistance with Application, Fees, funding & Scholarship, Accommodation Assistance, Assistance in obtaining bank loans, Visa Documentation, Assistance Guidance , Pre-Departure briefing, Meet & Greet facility.

How we can help you?


Express your ideas to us we will help in shaping your colorful career. Our educational consultancy will understand your needs and then will guide you to your career.


We have personalized education counselors who guide you to reach your long term educational goals. Alongside, we promise to assist you in your journey to your dreams.


We believe each of you are unique and have a hidden talent deep inside in our consultancy we strive to find that unique skill and plan your future accordingly.


Proud Member and Office Bearer of Consortium of Educational Consultants India. India’s largest platform for Various Streams of Higher Educational Consultants.

Who we’re Allied with

We as the main Educational consultancy situated in Chennai, have the responsesto every one of your inquiries regarding abroad education and in India. We are proud to be the trusted partners of the reputed universities in streams of engineering and medicine. Since serving from 15 years as an educational consultant we are the best in getting you the right universities. As a member of CECI, we are the leading platform in providing the admission in best abroad universities like AAIMS. AdmissionPoint is the one and only Educational consultant in India officially partnered with AAIMS. We are allied with the following educational institutions:

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